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Welcome to GitLab, a Git-based fully featured platform for software development!

GitLab offers the most scalable Git-based fully integrated platform for software development, with flexible products and subscription plans:

GitLab EE contains all features available in GitLab CE, plus premium features available in each version: Enterprise Edition Starter (EES), Enterprise Edition Premium (EEP), and Enterprise Edition Ultimate (EEU). Everything available in EES is also available in EEP. Every feature available in EEP is also available in EEU.


GitLab CI/CD Other
Quick start guide API
Configuring .gitlab-ci.yml SSH authentication
Using Docker images GitLab Pages

Getting started with GitLab

User account 用户账号

Projects and groups 项目和群组


Manage your repositories from the UI (user interface):

Issues and Merge Requests (MRs)

Git and GitLab

Migrate and import your projects from other platforms

Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment



Administrator documentation 管理员文档

Administration documentation applies to admin users of GitLab self-hosted instances:

Learn how to install, configure, update, upgrade, integrate, and maintain your own instance. Regular users don't have access to GitLab administration tools and settings.

Contributor documentation 代码贡献文档

GitLab Community Edition is opensource and Enterprise Editions are opencore. Learn how to contribute to GitLab: